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Why Clients Prefer TxMLC


Extensive roster of experts across 60+ specialties


Zero influence on experts’ medical opinions


Family-owned means accessibility, flexibility, and adaptability


We are a Texas company focused on litigation matters throughout Texas

Texas Medical Legal Consultants, LLC (TxMLC) was founded in 2010 to provide administrative support to healthcare professionals who offer expert witness services to the legal industry. TxMLC facilitates case reviews for over 450 medical experts in over sixty specialties across the state. Our team is equipped to manage requests from insurance companies, plaintiff attorneys, or defense attorneys ranging from a single pre-litigation consulting matter to mass tort cases consisting of thousands of plaintiffs. We are proud to have been named the #1 Expert Witness Provider in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas as voted upon by Texas attorneys in ALM Magazine.

TxMLC Provides


to identify and present available experts based on the legal client’s requests


to facilitate each case with ongoing scheduling assistance and deadline tracking


to manage our HIPAA compliant record transmission and storage system to include radiological imaging


equipped to troubleshoot and tackle large scale projects


on behalf of expert clients to ensure timely expert invoicing and monitor budgetary restrictions


to assist with medical and legal customer service needs

We know your time is valuable and finding the right expert for your case is essential. With our growing network of over 450 qualified medical professionals, we thoughtfully provide options of experts for your case and handle the administrative legwork of the retention process for the chosen expert so that you can focus on what you do best.

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Our law office exclusively contacts TxMLC to retain medical experts on our cases because we can rely on them to present impartial and impressive professionals who meet their deadlines. The TxMLC team is second to none with highly responsive case managers, accessible staff, and the autonomy to meet all my needs.

Insurance Defense AttorneySan Antonio, Texas

We consistently turn to TxMLC to secure medical experts for our cases. Their unwavering commitment to providing unbiased and remarkable professionals who consistently meet deadlines is unmatched. TxMLC shines through with their dedicated case managers who are always responsive, a readily accessible staff, and the flexibility to cater to all our requirements.

Class Action AttorneyDallas, TX

I can't express how much I love working with TxMLC because of the wonderful staff who I know are responsible, reliable, detail-oriented, excellent communicators, professional, intelligent AND wise, and I could go on and on. I can trust that my case manager is my advocate. Over the years I've worked with different companies and you guys are truly the best by far!

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation SpecialistSan Antonio, Texas

When it comes to retaining medical experts, TxMLC is our firm’s go-to source. Their track record of presenting impartial and exceptional professionals has been consistent and unmatched. Their entire team has succeeded in accommodating our requests and meeting our deadlines. They’re distinguished above their peers in accessibility, timeliness, and reliability. We could not imagine having to retain an expert without them.

ParalegalSan Antonio, Texas

TxMLC brought formality and organization to this area of my practice so that I can focus on my role as an expert, and I don’t have to get bogged down with tasks such as billing and collections.

Orthopedic SurgeonHouston, Texas

I just wanted to express to you ladies how much I love working with TxMLC. And it is truly because of the wonderful staff I get to work with who I know are responsible, reliable, detail-oriented, excellent communicators, professional, intelligent, AND wise, and I could go on and on. I can trust that my case manager is my advocate who will review my work and put our best foot forward every time. Over the years I've worked with 5-7 different companies and you guys are truly the best by far! Thank you, ladies!

PhysiatristSan Antonio, Texas

We couldn't be happier with TxMLC! Given our current case volumes, the process of working with you guys has been the most seamless.

Orthopedic SurgeonPlano, Texas

Your Time is Valuable

Finding the Right Expert For Your Case is Essential