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2023 Women’s Leadership Award

By August 10, 2023September 5th, 2023No Comments
Elizabeth LaBarge Women's Leadership Award San Antonio Business Journal

Elizabeth LaBarge

Co-Founder, Texas Medical Legal Consultants LLC

She started TxMLC in 2010 with her sister, Kathyrn Goertz. For the first seven years, they ran every aspect of the business themselves. Now they have a team of 33 employees. LaBarge splits her time between operational issues and business development. As an attorney, she oversees the legal facets of the company.

Why do you feel it is important to have women in leadership positions?

Having women in both leadership and mentorship positions is essential to the attraction of women to their chosen trade, their retention in the workforce and the ultimate success of their professional organizations.

What advice would you offer young women beginning their professional careers?

Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others; be the best version of yourself you can be without sacrificing your well-being. Be extremely intentional with your community commitments. I love the advice of no more than one personal and one professional organization outside of work.

Please detail the ways you “pay it forward” to help women become leaders.

We invest in female leadership organizations and resources such as sponsorships of the LEAD Academy. The LEAD Academy is a program specifically suited to the professional advancement of women in the field of law. After graduating from the Academy myself in 2018, I served on the steering committee. It’s a phenomenal concept and I will forever be a proud supporter.

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